The Origins Of TOVA-UK

Tony OksienI launched TOVA-UK back in the summer of 2014 and used the MoparEuroNats to launch and introduce the service into the old car hobby. The response was very encouraging and that weekend saw many vehicle valuations completed on some great looking cars. Since then I have completed many fully documented appraisals on high dollar cars where the owners have wanted a more comprehensive car valuation and generally require more information about their automobiles.

Since Christmas 2014, I have valued a 427ci 1969 4 speed Corvette with side pipes, finished in black, and a very cool 1969 Plymouth Satellite Station Wagon – still wearing its factory white paint with the “ woody” option. These cars will be at various shows this year so go check them out.

Come February 2015, TOVA UK will be advertised in Classic American magazine with a review from its editor Ben Klemenzson and then hopefully more introductions throughout the year in American Car magazine and our old favourite Custom Car.

The website is packed with features – incidentally keep checking back –  and I hope to put together a calendar of shows where I will be able to discuss any questions you may have and maybe even complete a car valuation for you there and then(!) I will aim to create a TOVA UK feature every month as well, something along the lines of my Muscle Car Files column in Classic American.

I am looking forward to seeing all the “ new” arrivals that have found their way into the UK over the winter and meeting their retrospective owners.

Till next time,

Tony O

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