Spring time car shows & valuations

Spring is just around the corner with the car show season nearly upon us, the NSRA swap meet in Essex on Sunday 5th March and Wheels Day on Good Friday Easter 14th April; I hope to be at both events. The Mopar show is at Brooklands in May, so not long to go for that one.

The american car valuations service has been active over the winter with mighty fine muscle cars valued and a high dollar fresh import from America entering a private collection in the form of a Hemi powered convertible E-Body. Hopefully the car will be on display at a show this season for everyone to enjoy. Pick-up trucks are very popular and the sixties and seventies work horses still have that very cool look today, a couple of excellent GM trucks have been valued recently along with a 1969 “General Lee” Dodge Charger a couple of A-body Mopars and a super Max Wedge Dodge Polara.

The MoparEuronats show scheduled for 28-30 July at Santa Pod Raceway is taking shape with three bands playing live and the UK Nostalgia Super Stock series running a round of their Championship at the show. Do not miss these colourful, loud and quick Super Stock cars harking back to the good ol days of Drag Racing.


Moreover don’t miss this show as other highlights include MSA Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, Gasser Circus and the Ultimate Street Car challenge, plus loads of time for you to run your car up the strip as a RWYBrunger as all three days will be available time trials.

So till next time, keep those old cars on the road!

Tony O

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