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Hi folks!

It’s that time of year again when we prepare our muscle cars for the Mopar Euronationals on Friday 28 July, Saturday 29 July and Sunday 30 July.
Come a week Friday, there will be a mass descent of Dodges, Plymouths, Chyslers and other fine american cars making the pilgrimage to Santa Pod for the most anticipated car show of the year among us petrol heads.
It’s here that you’ll find me, Tony O, moving from the official Euronationals stand to the show and shine car corral via the fire up lanes and grand stand, as I try to cover all basis of this epic weekend. It’s at the show stand where I base myself for giving car valuations and it is a genuine pleasure to see such incredible machines roll up over the course of the weekend.

If you’re attending the event, book your american car in for a valuation or appraisal by completing our contact form or emailing  I am also taking bookings for the remainder of the year, so if you would like to get an official valuation of your car drop me a line.

All the best,

Tony O

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