January muscle power

A warm welcome to 2019, I am sure it will be a fun packed year for all us muscle car gear heads – let’s hope so anyway!

I would like to start with some sour news regarding a couple incidents from both sides of the pond in December 2018. First up, a 1969 Road Runner became totally wiped out in Essex a few days before Christmas. It seems that a 74-year-old lady became pre-occupied whilst driving her Focus and hit the Beeper full-on. Both drivers were taken to hospital and later released with non-life-threatening injuries.

69 beeper hit hard

Secondly in the US, Wichita, Kansas a R6 red 383ci survivor ’69 Charger was t-boned by a GMC Sierra driven by a 17-year-old who tried to cross 4 lanes of traffic. Again both parties are OK but the Charger is a total mess!

69 survivor charger

On a brighter note, the mystery Hemicuda has been found in Essex. It’s a black car and seems to have been used back in 1976; maybe a US serviceman brought it over and circumstances kept the E -Body in the UK?     

Before Christmas I had a phone call from a guy who spoke of a ’70’s Challenger in his neighbourhood and wondered, if he could get access to the car, would I be prepared to come and give it the once over. Delighted I took him up on the quest and headed for deepest Surrey… Not much surprises me nowadays but this was a day to behold. There to my amazement was indeed a ’70’s Challenger and with a VIN JS23V0B, yep, a real 440ci 6-pack car! Wow, engine out and in need of a resto but very much a 70’s time machine finished in period black with a white stripe, rear spoiler and a Shaker hood car as well. Not to be hard done by at the same location sat a ’69 351ci Mustang Mach 1, totally unmolested a true survivor with sun bleached red paint from California – a truly magnificent find, blimey what a day!

mystery 70 hemicuda found!

My favourite car doing the rounds at the moment is a heavily optioned 1970 R/T S/E Charger complete with power sunroof. This FY1 Top Banana yellow car will be heading for the Kissimmee, Florida, Mecum auction in January so it will be interesting to see what it makes.

heavily optioned 70 rt charger

Well, I guess Wheels Day is only 4 months away and Brooklands is end of May so the Barracuda is going to need to be in top condition for these shows, so I’ll end on a positive note.

Keep drivin them old cars! And don’t forget, if you want to find out the real value of your Mopar pride and joy, drop me a line.

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