Spring highs, spring lows

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone survived the holidays as we are now truly into 2019!

The past months have seen me value some very top end Mopars a radical street/strip Duster and a well restored 1968 Plymouth GTX – hopefully these cars will show at the MoparEuroNats this year.

Barn finds are still plentiful in the States with another Superbird being pulled out of a junk infested garage, looks like it was custom painted at some time as the blue paint and lack of vinyl roof are not original. Well that’s the Yin-and-Yang front, however, a severely burnt 1973 Charger that I came across looks a total disaster – win some-loose some.

Barn Find Superbird
Barn find – Superbird

On a sadder note is the passing of John Haynes, the guy behind the very informative Haynes workshop manuals. Anyone of around my age will have found these DIY books a godsend from changing a light bulb to rebuilding an engine everything could be found and with the aid of super cool diagrams. Funny thing for me is no matter what problem you wanted to fix, the text all ways read “First disconnect the battery”!
John Haynes OBE died 7th February 2019 aged 80 years, a huge legacy of the man is his Haynes International Motor Museum located at Sparkford, Somerset which houses a fabulous collection of cars and motoring paraphernalia including a 69’ Charger and a Plymouth Prowler.

John Haynes
John Haynes OBE

The passing of  three musicians has also been sorrowful with the bass player with the Monkees dying aged 77 who for me never found the super stardom of the other three members of the assembled sixties “Pop Band” and Mark Hollis aged 64 from the band Talk Talk a gifted songwriter who had a huge hit with  “ It’s my life”  in 1984, he was the younger brother of Ed Hollis the Hot Rods manager. Keith Flint of the Prodigy just passed away aged only 49, my goodness no one can predict the future, too shorter life man.   Peter Tork 

Onto brighter matters, my favourite muscle car doing the rounds on the auction circuit is a highly detailed 1970 440 6-Pack Superbee, FC7 Plum Crazy Purple with a white interior, simply stunning.

Fab 1970 Superbee
1970 Superbee

Coming soon in Classic American magazine will be my summary of the 1969 Barracuda, an often-over-looked muscle car.


Keeping with Barracuda’s a passion of mine is the RHD 67-69 models sold through Warwick Wright, London into the UK market. A limited amount of Fastback and Convertible models found their way onto British roads, I am keen to put together a definitive article or even a book dedicated to these cars, so I arranged an appeal to be printed in Classic Car Weekly which generated a good response, please contact me if you have any info on these cars.

RHD Barracuda (1)
RHD Barracuda

The show season gets underway on April 19th (Good Friday) at Rushmoor, Aldershot for the Surrey Street Rodders annual bash, hope to see you there.

Cheers and keep drivin’ them old cars!

Tony O

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