Breaking news: Chevy Camaro being discontinued

2020-chevrolet-camaro-ssImage source:

Looks like it’s the end of the road for the legendary Chevrolet Camaro as this weekend General Motors broke the news.

The current 6th generation car will be the last after 2023, GM are saying that the next generation Camaro project is being suspended.
This will be the second time in the pony muscle cars history it’s been cancelled.

With deliveries of the Camaro steadily falling since its introduction in 2016 only 51,000 found buyers last year, this being the lowest figures since it re-appeared in 2019 and also many markets have banned selling the car, including the UK as it cannot pass our strict emission laws.

The Camaro even lagged behind the Challenger, sales of the Ford Mustang are declining as well and that’s a global car!

I guess in the not too distant future all three offerings will be gone, what a shame.  

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