October reflections

October 2019 was a mixed month for me; I have achieved the biggest high’s of my Mopar life (watch out for the next blog) and experienced a degree of sadness having lost two cherished friends to the Reaper.

Firstly, my old mate from the Punk era, Barrie Masters singer of the more than excellent Eddie and the Rods passed away at the age of 63, my own age……..

I first witnessed the Hot Rods in the summer of 1976 at the famous Wardour Street, London, Marquee club. Their energy, direction and ability to churn out real Rivvum an Blooze was a revelation. Needless to say, they fast became my favourite band of the time. Soon we had gained the confidence of the band and their management our gang became Hot Rods; we shared the groups love of music and were accepted into their entourage, boy what an experience. I will miss Barrie terribly.

On the same vein Steve Gorringe also died in October, he became responsible for the true emergence of the Mopar Muscle Club GB. Steve lived in Brighton and I was based in Croydon sarf London so virtually every month we hooked up, he had a white Barracuda and then a 68 Satellite. We shared good times at cruises, shows and Santa Pod Raceway.  RIP Steve mate.

Steve Gorringe

A bit of a downer but life goes on, keep drivin’ them old cars.

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