Spring 2020: stay home, stay safe

I am self-isolating mainly in the garage spending time performing a long overdue tidy up and separating the junk from the “Good Stuff” for when better times come upon us.

The car show calendar is in tatters and I feel very sorry for the car magazines who only this month printed schedules of events that won’t now take place. The loss of advertising revenue, number of copies sold, and distribution will hit them hard. I also understand how frustrating after the winter’s “cabin fever” to be hit by a “lock down” postponing/cancelling much of the years classic car shows and affecting the UK racing programme. I desperately wish that our hobby will survive these extreme measures.

Since Christmas 2019 I have been busy with valuations, sourcing muscle cars and writing articles, with plenty of down time available I have no excuses to not move on to bigger projects. Among the valuations (see above images) there has been a couple of 73/74 Chargers, a tough street/strip 69 Beeper and a couple of choice 1970 E Body 6-Pack cars that went to auction.

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Having owned a fair amount of muscle cars over the last 40 years I have gained much knowledge on the subject, recently back in the day photos have emerged on the inter-web with some of the cars I owned generating much nostalgia and very happy memories, have included a few.

Make sure you have an up to date valuation on your car as I am still receiving horror stories from within our hobby, most recently a double red with black vinyl roof 69 GTX having suffered extensive damage. Do not be at the mercy of unrealistic insurance companies’ assessments, get a TOVA appraisal and protect your cherished classic muscle car.

On a brighter note I am including the text from my report on the 50th Wing Car Reunion, which you can read here, that I enjoyed last October in Alabama, the article first appeared in Classic American magazine a few months ago. Enjoy along with exclusive photos.

We will get through this virus epidemic together and hopefully come out the other side as a better Human Race ,more tolerant, understanding, community spirited, less selfish individuals with values that are not linked to the size of one’s wealth.

Stay home, stay safe and may God be with you all.

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