Summer time highs, lows and American car valuations

Hi All and welcome to another blog from Tova-UK.

First up is the devastating news that the 2020, 27th MOPAREURONATS will not be happening as it has been cancelled by Santa Pod owing to Covid-19. Without a crystal ball who knows what the situation will be like for the future of the event and even if the host track will survive.

Secondly, sad news that American Auto Mags has thrown in the towel and ceased trading. I will miss Graham, Sue and Camaron at forthcoming shows. These folks have been a massive part of our hobby for countless years, with friendly banter, knowledgeable advice, and support to the MoparEuroNats and other car shows.

On a brighter note two major shows are still due to go ahead. Saturday 5th September sees the re-scheduled Wheels Day bash at Rushmore Arena, Aldershot and the following day Sunday 6th September Brooklands American Day is expected to go ahead. Fingers crossed for both events.

On the valuations front am busy this month with numerous applications for appraisals as owners struggle with “real time” values. 

An absolutely gorgeous 1966 Dodge Charger, unmolested, non-restored a true survivor wearing its original GG1 Green Paint with plenty of unique period paperwork and a 383ci V8 manual car with a Sure Grip rear end is a true pleasure to appraise.

Its always a delight to appraise trucks as the trucking movement plays a significant role in our hobby, so I was delighted to value a beautiful Chevrolet Silverado C1500 the other day.

OK, so off we go to another dimension, my Mopar Tardis has landed back in 1971, January precisely in a country known as Belgium.

Belgium’s capital hosted the 50th Brussels Motor Show, back in the sixties and seventies this was a big deal and a major motoring event for Europe. The Motor Show was organised in the Heysel Plateau Exhibition Centre with around 600,000 attending the three-day event.

Any manufacturer worth its salt attended and displayed their up-coming models for public consideration. Chrysler Benelux chose three E body cars to exhibit, two Barracudas and a Challenger all 71’ models.

The Challenger chosen was an early build convertible base model with a 225ci six and 904 automatic transmission this heavily optioned car came with heaps of goodies but alas not in the power department.

Two Barracudas were selected one a 318ci V8 and the other a 198ci six.

The six-cylinder car came as a two-door coupe as the rear quarter windows were permanently fixed the A93 package echoed the Challenger Deputy model. I believe this car to be a European model assembled at Chrysler Hamtramck with the code X66  manufacture export label 69-71 and a kilometre speedo code X21.

The other Barracuda shown was a heavily optioned 318ci V8, 904 automatic with tons of choice extras, such as rear luggage rack, Rallye Dash, bucket seats and centre console, black vinyl roof, painted light gold with W15 wire wheel covers.

The Chrysler stand must have looked stunning.

This story I reckon is pretty accurate as extensive Sherlock Holmes type investigations over the years have led me to uncover much of the facts, along with first-hand accounts from individuals who were present. Trying to find any hard evidence has been difficult and my archives have only shown up a Shelby Mustang image from the show.

I am pleased to announce that all three cars still exist today of which I have examined and believe them to be the Mopars presented at the show which is a real bonus for us Chrysler aficionadas.   

Till next month stay healthy and virus free, keep driving them old cars,


Tony Oksien

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