Sean Adams javelin TOVA

1970 AMC Javelin

“I used Tony’s services for the valuation on my Mark Donohue Javelin – his knowledge of the car was outstanding. The full length report was concise and totally true in its contents. Tony O really knows his stuff.”
Sean Adams, Hampshire, England






1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE

“I had Tony do a valuation on my car at this year’s MoparEuroNats (2014) and have to say I learned more about my car by meeting him and just talking to him. He is like the best student in the muscle car era, unbelievable!”
John Marsh, Northampton, England

“My car [1970 Dodge Challenger] was appraised by Tony at the workshop it resided at the time. He meticulously went over the car inch by inch and built up a huge amount of information about the Dodge. When the 10 page report, de-code and appraisal came through the post, I was gob smacked at how thorough it was. I would definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone wanting a full report on their car.”
Neil Crozier, Sussex, England


Dodge Challenger Sam Posey Tribute

“I have owned my Dodge Challenger for over twenty years and still Tony enlightens me on aspects of the car. Simply an honour to have him appraise my car.”
Matt Hollingsworth, Bedfordshire, England




Graham Mines 68 Charger

1968 Dodge Charger

“Tony knows every inch of my car and is faultless in his valuation and appraisal of the car. He will also do valuations at car shows which is a real bonus. Very good.”
Graham Mines, St Helens, England

 “Tony appraised my car [1970 Plymouth Cuda Convertible] at my works offices and spent virtually the whole day; photographing, looking under every nook and cranny and driving the car. The report and car valuation was complete in every detail and straight to the point, good and bad, excellent service.”
Nigel Gostelow, Oxford, England