Summer time highs, lows and American car valuations

Hi All and welcome to another blog from Tova-UK.

First up is the devastating news that the 2020, 27th MOPAREURONATS will not be happening as it has been cancelled by Santa Pod owing to Covid-19. Without a crystal ball who knows what the situation will be like for the future of the event and even if the host track will survive.

Secondly, sad news that American Auto Mags has thrown in the towel and ceased trading. I will miss Graham, Sue and Camaron at forthcoming shows. These folks have been a massive part of our hobby for countless years, with friendly banter, knowledgeable advice, and support to the MoparEuroNats and other car shows.

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Important announcement: we’re on social – find us on Instagram & Facebook

Hi Folks,

This is not our ‘usual’ piece of news (don’t worry, this is up next) but we wanted to share with you that, as of a couple of weeks ago, you can now find us on Instagram AND Facebook.

We’re very excited to see where these social networks will take us, but so far we are off to a good start.

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May reflections, auctions and American car valuations

Hi and welcome to the May 2020 blog! I trust you are well and coping with the country’s lockdown?

I find it a little ironic the VE day commemorations of 8th May marking 75 years of “Victory in Europe” giving liberty to all from the Nazi oppression. We can only celebrate this momentous event in our history confined and restricted owing to the Chinese pandemic Coronavirus 19, just shows how freedom can be given then taken away. Nevertheless, I salute the men and women of the allied forces that defeated the evillest regime on earth. Hats off to them!

Rant over and back to real life…