Suns out, roofs down

As we roll on through the year the car shows are coming thick and fast.

The MMA Chrysler Day at Brooklands is always a firm favourite of mine, a sunny Bank Holiday at the end of May certainly brought out some mighty fine muscle cars. This year quality prevailed over quantity as the numbers were a tad down although an eclectic mix of muscle cars were on hand.

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Spring and wheels

Hi everyone and welcome to the late Spring blog. Busy, busy these past weeks, took in two car shows and enjoyed them both, great feeling to be out with friends and fabbo cars.

First-up I attended the Surrey Street Rodders bash at Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot, you may recall last year was a complete wash-out but the 2019 event was blessed with plenty of sunshine and outstanding cars.

My report for Classic American magazine shows the three vehicles that grabbed my attention.
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Spring highs, spring lows

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone survived the holidays as we are now truly into 2019!

The past months have seen me value some very top end Mopars a radical street/strip Duster and a well restored 1968 Plymouth GTX – hopefully these cars will show at the MoparEuroNats this year.

Barn finds are still plentiful in the States with another Superbird being pulled out of a junk infested garage, looks like it was custom painted at some time as the blue paint and lack of vinyl roof are not original. Well that’s the Yin-and-Yang front, however, a severely burnt 1973 Charger that I came across looks a total disaster – win some-loose some.

Barn Find Superbird
Barn find – Superbird

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January muscle power

A warm welcome to 2019, I am sure it will be a fun packed year for all us muscle car gear heads – let’s hope so anyway!

I would like to start with some sour news regarding a couple incidents from both sides of the pond in December 2018. First up, a 1969 Road Runner became totally wiped out in Essex a few days before Christmas. It seems that a 74-year-old lady became pre-occupied whilst driving her Focus and hit the Beeper full-on. Both drivers were taken to hospital and later released with non-life-threatening injuries.

69 beeper hit hard

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