TOVA-UK reporting on the MOPAREURONATS, 2 – 3 August 2019

Twenty-Six & not out! The MoparEuronats has weathered everything that can be thrown at it over the decades, from the most atrocious summer weather conditions to blistering sunshine, gales, biblical rain, tornado winds and even a wild wasp epidemic. Yet still it survives and prospers drawing new enthusiasts into the clutches of Muscle Car Madness.

It’s July – see you at the Mopar Euronationals?

Hi folks, Hope all is well. Not much happened with me since the Chryslers at Brooklands show at the end of May -one of my favourite venues for a car show. I took the trusty Barracuda but she didn’t seem to run right, so have ordered a new carburettor. The show was very well attendedContinue reading “It’s July – see you at the Mopar Euronationals?”

It’s 2018; keep driving them old cars

Hi folks, Welcome to 2018 and another year of American muscle car mayhem – already I am looking forward to the start of the show season which will hopefully kick off with the annual; Good Friday Wheels Day event organised by the Surrey Street Rodders. On the subject of shows, please remember the 25th Anniversary  MoparEuroNatsContinue reading “It’s 2018; keep driving them old cars”