1965 Mustang Data Plate

TOVA-UK offer a two-tiered, car valuation and appraisal service to suit your requirements.

Postal Club – £50

The ‘Postal Club’ valuation is where the customer provides photos and completes a detailed valuation form. Tony O will then evaluate the car based on the information provided.

A Valuation Certificate will be generated within five days which will be valid for one year.

This car valuation is more of a guide for insurance company valuations. 
Please be aware that this valuation is exempt from any legal disputes, divorces and probate disputes a full appraisal will therefore be required.

Fully Comprehensive – £250

This is an all embracing, complete personalised car valuations service.

The car will be seen in person by Tony O himself who will complete a comprehensive, detailed report based on the information provided and first-hand knowledge.

He will inspect;

Under the car

  • suspension
  • brakes
  • fuel lines
  • sills under body construction
  • front end condition
  • exhaust system
  • prop shaft
  • rear axle
  • steering
  • And general condition of frame work

Under the hood

  • All pipe work
  • manifolds
  • total engine bat look over
  • radiator
  • supporting bodywork
  • check electrics
  • washers
  • engine itself check numbers where visible
  • correct decals and tags, with where possible tag breakdowns and vin de-code with production numbers etc


  • All around the car for rust or tampered areas
  • bright work
  • bumper trim
  • door shuts and hinges
  • grille
  • window glass
  • correct decals
  • all outside lighting


  • complete over view
  • headliner
  • seats
  • carpet
  • window functions
  • dash board and electrics
  • gear selector
  • glove box & interior lighting


  • check the designs
  • condition
  • And tyres – factory correctness or after market wheels

Each car will have an 8 to 10 page dossier  built around its inspection including; engine and drive train, suspension brakes and steering, electrics, interior, bodywork, outside trim, wheels and tyres, an overview, cars history (if identifiable), factory figures and production numbers (if available). This makes for a very comprehensive report indeed and takes up to three weeks to complete.

A valuation certificate, valid for 5 years, will be generated.

Please note that travelling distances sometimes may add to this cost.