Number Plates

Ask yourself: “Is my cars number plate related to its age?”

For over 20 years, TOVA-UK have been turning back time, putting a spin on the number plates.

This service helps classic car owners who have a vehicle registered with DVLA yet has the incorrect age related number plate for the car. Many vehicles imported into the UK in the Seventies and Eighties were given the registration mark for that year and not the age plate for the car. For example; a 1968 Ford Mustang imported in to the UK from America in 1978 would have been nominated a number plate with the letter “T” as a suffix when an age related registration would rightfully give it an “F” in keeping with the cars manufacture of 1968.

This can be extremely confusing and sometimes result in unnecessary time consuming explanations of the cars age and road tax status. And the car never feels right on an alien registration plate!

TOVA-UK can help with this problem and has been 100% successful with securing age related number plates for clients.

1973 Cuda - Before Restoration & 'New' Age Numberplate
1973 Cuda – Before Restoration & ‘New’ Age Numberplate
1973 Cuda- After Restoration & With 'New' Age Numberplate
1973 Cuda- After Restoration & With ‘New’ Age Numberplate









Please note; this process can be slow because a car identity has to be built up in order to convince the DVLA to agree a change in registration. This change can involve a different band of taxation for the vehicle which will often bring the car into the “FREE” exempt of road tax “Historical Vehicle” category, saving you money too.

Contact TOVA-UK if you have any concerns about your registration or would like help in changing to an aged related registration.