January muscle power


A warm welcome to 2019, I am sure it will be a fun packed year for all us muscle car gear heads – let’s hope so anyway!

I would like to start with some sour news regarding a couple incidents from both sides of the pond in December 2018. First up, a 1969 Road Runner became totally wiped out in Essex a few days before Christmas. It seems that a 74-year-old lady became pre-occupied whilst driving her Focus and hit the Beeper full-on. Both drivers were taken to hospital and later released with non-life-threatening injuries.

69 beeper hit hard

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Know the value of your car, before it’s too late


Over Christmas, one of our good friend’s totaled his fresh import 1972 Rallye Challenger 340, 4-speed – he survived with a bit of bruising but the car was a right-off.

He bought the challenger over from the states in September 2016. When the accident happened, he didn’t know the real value of the car so I offered my services, should he need them.

With the icy roads and difficult driving conditions which winter brings, we’re spreading the word of the importance of having an agreed value on your car with your insurer.  Having an agreed valuation from an independent valuations company means that you know how much your american car is really worth, not just the market value.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to book your car in for a tailored valuation and appraisal service.